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wire fraud

Fraud awareness

Heritage Title Company is committed to making sure our clients are informed and protected against the latest forms of fraud. We value and protect your privacy with various safeguards throughout your transaction. You can trust us to be your strong partner in a world full of fraud.

Wire fraud - how it's done
Fraud through ACH and wire transfers is fairly simple considering all perpetrators need is an account number and bank routing number. ACI Worldwide, a Universal Payments Company, recently published an article discussing methods perpetrators use to commit ACH and wire transfer fraud. Click on the "Learn more" button below to learn more.
Wire fraud - texting attack
A more recent tactic of criminals is to use text-based communication to impersonate Escrow Officers. Click on the "Learn more" button below to learn more.
Start inHere®
Buyers and sellers desire a secure and simple way to start their real estate transactions. When you choose to work with Heritage Title and Start inHere®, consumers can safely begin their real estate transactions.
Smartportal - smart mail delivery
Safe, secure and simple. Smartportal provides a more convenient way to access your smartmail emails from your mobile device and/or tablet.

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