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keeping you informed

Keeping you Informed

Heritage Title Company helps you stay informed on topics important to the real estate space. "Keeping you Informed" is a great resource for up to date materials affecting issues regarding your title transactions. Please view our topics, resources, brochures and videos below.

Industry updates

Click on the links below to listen to recordings of the latest updates affecting the Colorado Real Estate industry.

3rd Party Deposit

Learn about 3rd party deposits and the red flags you, as the agent, should look for that may help the seller avoid needlessly taking their home off the market while dealing with a fraudulent buyer(s).

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What every real estate expert needs to know about Common Owner’s Endorsements and how they play a part of the value of a property.

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Marketing to Millennials

Millennials are the largest buying force in the housing industry. Here are some tips for marketing to them.

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Notary Law updates in 2021

For a seamless closing experience, please notify your closer prior to the closing date if your buyer, seller, or borrower requires a bilingual or an ASL Notary Public.

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OEC Extended Coverage

The Owners Extended Coverage will provide you and your customer with protection against many important items that standard title insurance does not cover.

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Types of deeds

Learn the five principal types of deeds.

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Ways to Hold Title Vesting Chart

Learn the difference between Joint Tenancy, Tenancy in Common, Partners and Trusts.

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What you need to know about solar.

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What is Title Insurance?
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What is Escrow?
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What to Expect at Closing
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What to look for in a Title Company
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