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mortgage information

Basic Mortgage Information

Please be advised that the information presented here is generalized. Your specific mortgage situation may differ. Please consult your tax advisor for more information.

How much mortgage can you afford?

You can usually qualify for a mortgage loan of two to two and one-half times your household's income. Lenders will need to research your credit.

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Fixed rate vs. adjustable rate

Both types of loans have their pros and cons. Click on the "View details" button below to learn about the differences between both types of rates.

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Types of mortgage programs

There are several types of adjustable rate and fixed rate mortgage loans. Click on the "View details" button to view the different programs.

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Which mortgage is best?

There are several types of mortgage plans available that are appropriate for different needs. Click on the "View details" button to learn more.

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How much money will you need?

Click on the "View details" button below to access information on closing costs and use the Closing Cost Calculator to estimate your closing costs.

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